Friday, November 21, 2008

Beijing Tour

I did it! I climbed the wall! And I am here to tell you it was
murder. You go almost straight up while your lungs scream like crazy
and you wheeze at every third step. Then on the way down your knees
are ready to disown you. Thank heaven for the hand rail. I wouldn't
have made it without it. I thought I was doing pretty good for an old
geezer until a 79 year old Chinese man roared past me.
I thought Brian would appreciate the pic of me at the big pot. No,
it's not for cooking missionaries. It is the fire suppression system
in the Forbidden city. A kind of ancient sprinkler system. In the
winter when it gets really cold they put a fire under it to keep it
from freezing. Hmmm, I guess you could cook a missionary if the
opportunity arose.
Coming home today and looking forward to Chula Vista and all the nice
things of home.

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